slot game symbols

slot game symbols that should be studied before playing to play online slots games Mainly the symbols that appear in every slot game. First of all, there are wilds and scatters, while other wild symbols are only visible in certain games. Today let’s take a look at the symbols and their meanings. They are as follows:

Lines are lines used to indicate the nature of the bet. how Each game is different as well. Some games have 10 lines, 20 to 300 lines. But notice a bit where Any game with less than 20 lines tends to get quite a lot of special bonuses. If any game has a pay line that is more than 50, chances of winning a lot of bets are true, but the stakes are relatively small.

The SCATTER symbol

The scatter symbol is triggered from reels 1 – 5 with random draw chances. But it’s harder to get out than the Wild symbol. If you get a Scatter symbol, you’ll be credited with the free spins depending on the game you play. Each game has a different Scatter symbol reward.

Most of them will receive free spins credits. The number of scatter symbols that can be spin is multiplied by the total bet amount. It is equal to the larger the total bet amount. If there is a chance to get a Scatter, it will give you more free spins credits. However, there are some games that have credit for the Scatter free spins, which may give you 10 free spins, but if you win in those 10 times, you will receive a 3x or 5x win etc.

WILD symbol.

The Wild symbol is an online slot symbol that will increase your betting odds to get more chances for a special bonus. Most of the time, wilds appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. The wild symbols vary from game to game, often using images to match the theme and graphics of the game. And it appears even more often if it gets wild the first time.

Other symbols Other wild

symbols in online slot games. in each game There are different details in each game such as English characters. Chinese characters, animals, cartoon characters and there are many more depending on the game. will be designed to be used in any manner

Some games may require that if you play more than 50 turns, there is a chance of winning the jackpot more than 50%, etc., depending on the conditions of the game. But most of them will happen in succession. For example, if you get 1 scatter next time, you will predict the outcome to receive an Ang Pao, etc.