Gamblers, investors with fear and confusion

On certain occasions the decision of the gambler or the investor There is often confusion over what we are going to decide what it is and why. Afraid of losing the money that has been stabbed or invested, for example, if going to play baccarat at a casino, afraid and confused about what to bet on, in fact, there are only a few

options, namely, to bet on the dealer or the player. There are only two cases. But we are afraid to stab That is because we are afraid of risks. Because risk is something we don’t know and don’t understand very well. We are afraid because we look at what is in front of what the dealer wants us to see. And we tend to take

things that are in the past and make wrong decisions. When wrong, we will be afraid.

The horrors of Las Vegas casinos

From the experience that has been heard from people in the industry and from the analysis itself

I gather that the casino has various psychological methods to remove money from your pocket without you knowing it, however

  • You will begin using chips instead of cash. When you don’t see it as money You’ll pay for it more easily. The same principle applies to credit cards.
  • These casinos often have alcoholic beverages. Some are even free. because alcohol causes a lack of consciousness You will lose more money.
  • Time to walk into the casino. The pattern on the floor will make people who look at it feel dizzy, dizzy, causing you to walk into a table or play something to avoid it
    . etc. believe
  • in the casino, often without a watch. so that you don’t know how long you’ve been here
  • Show appreciation Praise (by bangs) for those who play a lot. or won a grand prize To make others feel like they want to be like that
  • Make pledge easy They will always have the documents ready and waiting. Someone’s raising a standby price, just you say it. He will estimate the price and bring the documents to sign immediately.

Does anyone have any experiences that have been experienced? Let’s exchange.