Football prices for newbies

Football prices, online football betting What newbies should know

The price of football water or the water price that football fans call each other For water, it is the top priority that football fans or gamblers in this sport should study. that’s because How to see football prices It is very important The price of water has a profound effect on our profits. Because the water price is quite different, every pair of football has its own price. And this will allow us to plan our bets. The water value of online football betting has many forms. How to see the price in each type that a newbie can’t miss

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Online gambling, football betting that has gained attention Until today, most teenagers turn to bet online. which is very convenient, fast and easy to bet And today we will bring you all to meet the price of football that can determine our profit. At the same time, it also takes a look at how many different forms of water prices are available, including how to view football prices. Which will be something, do not delay at all Let’s meet with the story about the water value of this type of gambling.

Explain the meaning of football prices Why fans need to know

One thing that is important about online football betting The first thing that everyone needs to know is the price of football. The price of football water is the price of water that determines our prize money. The cost of the ball has both “single ball” and “step ball”, and the prices of both are slightly different in terms of payouts. How to see football prices Of the two types of bets are as follows.

Favorite football. How to see the price of football.

For favorite football players can divide the price of the ball water. into two formats which if everyone bets through an online gambling website You will be able to see two things, that is, “black water” and “red water”. There are ways to view the price as follows:

• Black water is the price that most of the time will be on the other side. The meaning of black water is to bet on the banker’s disadvantage. That is to bet that the payout is less than the money bet, for example, the price of 0.90 black water if you bet 1000 when winning. You will receive a prize of 900, but if you lose the bet You will lose 1,000 sure.

• Red water is the price that is usually issued to the secondary side mostly. The meaning of red water is When you bet on the red water side, you will receive a payout equal to the amount staked. But when losing bets You will lose less money than you bet. For example, bet 1000 on red water at -0.90 if you win you get 1000, but lose 900 you lose only.

And this is the water bill in the form of online. which the water in this form Called the Malaysian football price, which is very popular nowadays. How to see football prices just as described Can be used to see the team that will place bets.

Ball steps How to see the price of football

in the football step section Will be a little different from the favorite ball in that the price of the ball The ball step will be a form of multiplying the prize money. Many of you may not be able to imagine. We can see the ball step

price as follows: • Ball step price without black water and red water. But will multiply his prize money instead.

• For example, the favorite football price is 0.90 for the ball, it will be the price of 1.90 instead.

• and if the price in the favorite football team is red tide for the ball, it will receive an additional prize money. more like The price of the red tide in the favorite ball -0.90 in the football kit will become 2.10 like this and so on.

• To view the odds of online parlays, there is no leading 0, but instead is used as a number 1, which payouts are multiplied by the odds of the bet, for example bet 50 / 3 pairs with odds of 1.90, 2.10, 1.95 will receive a payout of 389 baht if you bet wins. If one of the pairs loses in that set, the bet will be lost immediately.

and this is to see The price of the football ball of the uniform or football step. How to see football prices is quite simple. Everyone can take the numbers shown on the betting page and multiply them with the bet amount. For example, bet 100, then multiply 100 by the odds. for the multiplication pattern For example, bet 3 pairs, take 100 x 1.9, get 190, then take x 1.9 once, get 361, multiply x 1.9 again, will get a total winnings of 685, you can see from the page. Bet on how much to calculate

The pattern of football prices which can place bets in many forms

in playing football online We can choose to bet in many ways, the odds of each ball are different, there is also a way to see the football price. different too The water bill that is popular and used today is in the Male water bill format, which is popular and easy to read. and the easiest to understand But if you want to try other types of water bills, we have them for everyone to choose from today. The different water values ​​can be described as follows:

HK style water bill

water values. For this water bill, there are no black and red waters. The ball price of this play is very suitable for the secondary ball line, that is because the price is similar to the step ball, that is, the price is 1.00 or more for the secondary ball or the red water ball, such as the price of 1.20 if you bet 1,000 baht. Received a prize of 1,200, but lost time will lose 1,000, which is different from the price of Male lose the bet But the time will be more than the bet itself.

Advantages of online football prices

For gambling through online websites Or various leading gambling websites can be seen that there is a form of placing bets. Including the water bill that is given to the players. There are many types. The online football prices that are currently available include MY, HK, UK, INDO and others. There are many prices for players to choose from because

The website wants to add betting options for players. In which players can receive more prize money in many ways. That in online play is much better than normal play. The way to see football prices is simple, easy to use. There is a much more diverse facility than that.